B16. TVL. Code. For. Website.

B16. TVL. Code. For. Website.
TVL. Website. Equational. Solution.
On, the, 16th August, GOm. VC., ran, a, TVL, Web Program, called, B16, across, all Jurisdictions, using, the, B14, Programming, Language.
This, meant, Transactional, Websites, Received, A TVL, Numeral, Of, The, Encrypted, Capital, In, Their, Website, Ecosystem. Total. Value. Locked.
To Encrypt, A TVL, Equation, Into, Your, Website, You, Can, Add, Either, Of, These, 2, Lines, Of, B14, Inscriptive, Programming, Code, Into, An, HTML, Page, Of, Your, Website. Older, HTML, Pages, Will, Computate, Quicker.


By Ant8dote, Incorporated.

Company Development, In,
AI, 4.0.

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